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About Me

About Me

Photography has long been a passion of mine and I grew up using the polaroid camera, not everyone’s cup of tea. What I most enjoyed about the polaroid camera was that within minutes you could be holding a print in your hand. This for me was the fun part, shaking the paper after having taken a picture and waiting for it to develop was just like magic.

My journey into photography first started as a hobby taking photo’s of family, friends and dare I say the odd selfie helped me recognize how light plays an important part towards creating a photo. I studied fashion and design at the London College of Fashion I learnt about different patterns, colours and how different concepts can go together. This later helped inspire me especially when composing a picture.

I see myself as a people’s person and I enjoy meeting people for the first time and discovering what they want from their photoshoot. My speciality is to bring someone out of their shell. Being in front of a camera for the first time can be a very daunting place for someone, so having a good rapport enables me to create a good image. Above all I strive to bring out a person’s personality through a photograph but I also love it when someone sees themselves in a totally different way. My lasting thought is capturing the moment for a lifetime of memories.

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